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photoluminescent ceramic tiles

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2019/09/10 09:52:58

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2019/12/09 23:59:59

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Ceramic Tiles

Company Info

Zhejiang Globright Optical Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Kate Hu
Job Title: Sales Manager
Address: No.91 Huaxia road, Yongkang economic development zone ,Jinhua,Zhejiang,China (mainland)
State/Province: ZHEJIANG
Country/Region: China (mainland)


It is our patent products, we are now looking for Global agents. 

        *Short time for light storage and long time for light-emitting. Absorb lights around 5-20 minutes and constantly emitting over 10 hours.

       *High mechanical strength, high surface hardness and good wear resistance, which effectively solves the problem of poor surface hardness, easy scratching and abrasion of traditional resin light-storing self-illuminating materials (the scratched surface seriously affects its light-storaging and light-emitting functions);

      *The product is high and low temperature resistant, weather resistant, never corroding and aging. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It makes up for the shortcomings of traditional resin light-storing self-illuminating materials which are easy aging and have short service life. The high temperature resistance of the product equals to stone and floor tiles', which are much better than ordinary resin synthetic light storing self-illuminating materials.

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